Cost effective Auckland greenwaste disposal

141 Hugo Johnston Dr, Penrose


Quick, easy and economical greenwaste collection.

Regular or one-off pick up.


Premium garden mulch for landscaping

Certifed Organic

Go Green – All our greenwaste is processed into high quality ecoMulch so you know your waste is being recycled – not going to landfill!

About GreenCycle

GreenCycle is a waste management company founded to provide better green waste solutions to private homeowners, arborists and landscapers. Our focus is providing a valuable, reliable service to our clients to make their work easier and free up their time while reducing their costs.

Focusing on green waste gives us an advantage over other companies as our energy is concentrated on providing the best green waste solutions in the market. As a specalist green waste managment company, we are focused on sustainably recycling it for better uses, not taking it to landfill.