Green Waste Collection Service

Save time and effort with our quick, quiet green waste removal service

  • All greenwaste collected – including logs, bamboo, palms and flax.
  • Simply stack your greenwaste and we collect.
  • Collection of up to 15m3 Auckland wide

Go Green – All our greenwaste is processed into high quality ecoMulch so you know your waste is being recycled – not going to landfill!

Book a GreenGrab on here, or call us on +64 9 300 6260

Why GreenGrab Greenwaste Removal?

For homeowners

Save time. No loading waste into a skip or tedious trips to the tip. Simply stack your waste in an assessable area*, we’ll collect and clean up.

Save money. Our GreenGrab truck compacts waste as we load, so we take more greenwaste per cubic metre than a skip, bag or transfer station disposal.

GreenGrab Trailer loads 1m3 Flexibin
5m3 5 10
10m3 7 20
15m3 9 30

For arborists

Save labour. Spend your time being an arborist. Simply stack waste and get onto the next job. No chipping or cleaning up.

Scale your business. No need for truck and chipper at every job allows you to schedule more jobs.

All greenwaste collected. No more dealing with difficult to chip material, soiled branches or slash.

Great accessibility. Compact footprint and 10m hiab crane and grapple allows access to most sites.

Quieter, safer site. No noise or risk of chipping ropes.

Truck or chipper down for maintenance? Don’t miss out on work – schedule GreenGrab and keep your clients happy.

For landscapers

Save time. No need to load a skip or do multiple trips to the dump. Spend time valuable landscaping.

Cost effective. Our GreenGrab truck compacts as we load, so we take more greenwaste per cubic metre.

Do's and Don'ts for collection

To make sure we can assess your greenwaste please follow the guidelines below.

Greenwaste is to be in one pile at the collection address.

Don’t put greenwaste within 4 metres of overhead tree branches or powerlines

If our GreenGrab truck has to enter your property, the driveway must be at least 3 metres wide and 4 metres clear of overhead obstructions such as power lines and trees.

If collection is over a fence or shrub alongside your driveway your pile needs to be within 5m of the fence/shrub and the fence/shrub not over 3 metres high.

What we can accept

  • All greenwaste including bamboo, flax, palms and cabbage trees.
  • Stumps and slash with minor residual soil.
  • Fine greenwaste (e.g. grass clippings, fine hedge pruning, leaf piles) – please place in wool bag. We will empty and return bag.

What we can't accept

  • Inorganic material
  • Straight soil (including excessive soil on stumps)
  • Food waste
  • Timber (treated or untreated)
  • Greenwaste contaminated with inorganic rubbish

If your collection contains items other than greenwaste we are unable to collect.