Greenwaste Drop-Off

Low-cost greenwaste disposal

Whether you have a boot load, trailer load or truck load, visit GreenCycle for low-cost greenwaste disposal that’s good for the environment.

Flax, palms, bamboo, logs, and noxious weeds – no problem.

At Greencycle ALL greenwaste is transformed into high quality MulchMax® – not sent to landfill.


Less than 260kg* $49.00 per load

Over 260kg $189.75 per ton

Christmas Trees 1 per customer – Free!

Find us

141 Hugo Johnston Drive, Penrose


Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm

Saturday: 9am – 4pm

CLOSED: Sunday and Public Holidays.

* a standard trailer, ute or van with regular greenwaste (not logs or dense material) is generally under 260kg.

We accept

  • All greenwaste including bamboo, flax, palm, noxious weeds, and cabbage trees
  • Logs and rounds of timber with no size restrictions
  • Palm logs including Phoenix Palm
  • Stumps and slash with minor residual soil

We can’t accept

  • Inorganic material i.e. general rubbish
  • Straight soil (including excessive soil on stumps)
  • Food waste
  • Treated or untreated timber
  • Greenwaste contaminated with inorganic rubbish e.g. weedmat, rubbish