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ecoMulch - $60/m3

A byproduct of our greenwaste recycling operation, ecoMulch is a cost-effective, nutritious landscaping mulch. Superior to other products on the market, ecoMulch is the ultimate mix of ground foliage and wood. After being aged for a minimum of 8 weeks ecoMulch presents as a rich brown colour and is suitable for weed suppression and decoration in gardens, public spaces and on small to large planting projects.

ecoMulch is 100% locally recycled from Auckland’s landscape waste

Important information: ecoMulch is available for delivery via tip truck with a minimum order quantity of 3 cubic metres. ecoMulch is not available for pickup.

Delivery Information

Access requirements: driveway must be at least 3m wide and free of overhead obstructions at unloading area such as trees or powerlines.

Delivery Zone Pricing: fixed for up to a 12m3 load, either tipped or bagged. See map below to see what zone you are in.

Inner Auckland Zone (Black) – Free Delivery
Wider Auckland Zone (Green) – $90

For orders over 12m3 please contact us directly for competitive bulk pricing.

Delivery Zones

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