Mulch Auckland

High quality, high nutrient ecoMulch


  • Superior water retention. A mix of fine and coarse mulch absorbs and traps water. Less watering required – save water and time.
  • Add nutrients naturally. Our unique blend of ground foliage, wood and aging produces a deep brown, nutrient rich mulch that feeds your plants and improves soil quality.
  • Looks great. The rich brown colour makes it the perfect mulch for weed suppression and decoration in gardens, public spaces and on small to large planting projects.
  • Go green. ecoMulch is 100% recycled from local landscape waste and is a by-product of our greenwaste collection and recycling operation – that equals a low carbon footprint.

ecoMulch is avaliable to for sale to commercial customers and at Central Landscapes Swanson and The Landscape Yard Glen Eden.

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